We make game services simple.

Ever wondered why is Minecraft the best selling game?
Because it empowers the user to unleash their creativity, by providing building blocks.

ServerBytes is a platform that helps you develop and deploy your game faster. You focus on gameplay and art, while we handle backend, servers, and infrastructure. Choose from lots of plugins which suite your needs on our Marketplace, or write your own.

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Why ServerBytes?

We realize that all games are unique and that no product can satisfy all your requirements. That is why we have created a platform that offers you common features but also enables you to write your own features. You write it, we will scale it.

Reliable, globally available

We support your game across all continents! Your players will always have the lowest possible latency.


The marketplace has more than enough plugins to get you covered! And, you can also sell your plugins to other developers to help them ship faster.

Custom code

Your developers can write high-quality code, which we run in a sandbox environment. Each plugin can have a web interface to help you easily manage your game.

Available plugins

In our marketplace, among others, you will find:


Easily handle all your authentication needs with ServerBytes Authentication plugin


Make your game more competitive by having leaderboards.


Perform A/B testing, analyze results and tweak your game to maximize your earnings

Chat & Realtime

Create realtime games easily in a few clicks. Rooms, advanced matchmaking, chat, it’s all here

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