Why ServerBytes?

At ServerBytes, we believe there is a better way to create games. A more innovative platform that automates backend game development, encouraging you to focus on your game, and leave the operational concerns to us.


Globally available

Our team can provide support for your game across the globe! Your players will have the lowest possible latency for your team!

Custom code

Your developers can write some high-quality code, which we run in a sandbox environment. Each of the plugins can have web interface which provides easily managing your game!


The marketplace has enough plugins for each of your needs. You can search for plugins and then buy or sell a certain plugin. Feel free to try it out!

ServerBytes is designed to increase productivity without sacrificing creativity. We’re excited to simplify game development for everyone through our platform, plugins, and community!



ServerBytes Authentication plugin provides everything that is necessary for managing accounts such as logging in, registering, and maintaining the account.


Make games more competitive by having the ServerBytes Leaderboard plugin. There is a possibility of adding new scores as well as updating existing ones within the plugin!

Data Storage

Use ServerBytes Data Storage to manage data toward the collections in the game. There is a possibility of searching through the data, updating, and deleting the current entry!


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